An Overview of Multi Level Marketing

Some people believe that salesmanship and leadership are inborn qualities. Some people regard salesmanship to be an art form. Then there are some who think that with the right training, anybody and everyone can become a salesperson. Every marketing and sales student studies the traditional ideas of channel sales and retain sales.      Selling has gone a long way, from the modest origins of mom and pop stores to mega markets. Aside from these sales channels, we have witnessed the development of the concepts of direct selling and referral selling during the past forty to fifty years. In the past thirty years or more, another new sales movement known as Multi-Level Marketing has grown throughout the world surreptitiously but quietly, engaging millions of individuals in selling goods and making a respectable living for themselves. It's not uncommon for friends to invite you home for a tea party over the weekend, and you end up purchasing the tempting Tupperware goods for your house. Si